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In 2009 Swanland Village Organisation commissioned village signs depicting a Swan on a blue background in an oval gold frame. They measure approximately one metre across with the village name in green and gold underneath.

Seven signs (which cost over £2000 each) have been installed on:
Tranby Lane
West Ella Road
Mill Road (near the water tower)
Junction of Kemp Road and West Leys
Dale Road
Occupation Lane
Woodgates Lane

The design has been used as the basis for a Swanland logo as shown below

© Swanland Village Association

The SVA hold the copyright on the design. However any non-commercial village organisation may apply have it adapted, subject to certain conditions, as shown in the examples below. Please e-mail logo@swanland.info if you would like a design preparing or if you want to modify an existing one in any way. This is to ensure consistency in its usage and ensure that designs are unique to the appropriate organisation.

Authorised Variations © SVA