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Swanland Over Development

This page is an OPEN FORUM for residents concerned about the gross over- development in what used to be our pleasant village

In respect of the recent Westfield Farm appeal decision

I am at a loss to be able to write coherently about my feelings, so I will try in a few words to make a point.

How can a an Inspector appointed by this government come to the East Riding of Yorkshire and overrule totally a previous decision made by a colleague who had supported our council who supported the residents of Swanland ? We should all be asking our MP this question.

Annabelle Wilson

Dismay, Disbelief & Disgust the Westfield Farm development allowed.

All that time preparing objections - All those objections (135)

All that time preparing Leaflets - All that time distributing Leaflets

ALL FOR NOTHING – Complete waste of time!

Definition of a Close - A street that ends in a dead end.
We will have to rename Sykes Close to Sykes Highway or Sykes Motorway

Graham Latter – Mill Rise



Map of recent development