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A Very Unique Funeral

Swanland bid farewell to Carol Ledgard on June 19th as a horse drawn farm cart bore the coffin passed her home to Swanland Show ground Field off Dale Road. Following were her sister Julia, her long time German friend Anne and many villagers. A short service was held in front of a sizeable crowd before a private family cremation and a reception for all in the Village Hall.

Carol classed herself as an “old villager” having been born locally and grrowing up in Swanland. Her knowledge of nature was extensive and for many years she ran the Wild Life Group. She was instrumental in transforming the village pond and it surrounds and doggedly fought for her cause, sometimes causing ripples (and not just in the pond!). There are several ideas emerging as to what might be a fitting memorial to her – if you have any thoughts on this contact Yvonne Dumsday on 634 863.

Open Air Service

Anne & Julia