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Amazon Warehouse
This is a major development for a large warehouse on Melton Fields adjacent to Ferriby You can object to the this Development - Log into ERYC Planning Portal and enter 20/03555/STPLF. DIRECT LINK
Pile Driving Noise
If you have heard the loud thumping noises recently it is coming from the above. If it is bothering you or waking you up you Can complain as a noise complain to Public. protection@eastriding.gov.uk

SEE Statement from ERYC (pdf)

153 Bus to Ferriby
Efforts are being made to partially re-instate the 153 bus service between Swanland and Ferriby.

If you would use this service please contact this website to help assess if there is a sufficient number of potential passengers


Westfield Farm Enquiry
Commenced on 26 January

The Public Inquiry was held as a virtual event, run by an Inspector with parties invited to join. . See Timetable It concluded on Tues Feb 16. The Inspector will write up her decision which will posted here as soon as it is known

ERYC are believed to be pretty sure it has a good case for its 5 year land supply which is what the appeal is based on
Lockdown Road Map
See Village Events page
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Latest Vaccine Scam
SEE More information

Farewell Yvonne !
We have said farewell to Yvonne Dumsday who has moved out of Mere House. She intends to relocate in West Yorkshire with her daughter. Yvonne has made a huge contribution to the village for over the past 20 years, and was been presented with a leaving card signed by many Swanland residents - see front cover of card (pdf)
Local G.P.s

Swanland & Willerby Surgery

Dr Mitchell (Ferriby) Surgery

Covid 19 mutual aid
The help desk is up and running to support residents who are self isolating. It has been running quietly in the background supporting the few extremely vulnerable residents since the end of the first lockdown
See Poster

Is opennormal hours. East Riding Libraries have reverted back to an 'Order and Collect' service, which was introduced after the first lockdown.

Go to the village hall entrance door and ring the bell to return or collect ordered books - you are NOT allowed inside the library.
On - Line Log in

Dilo Dolphin Books

for children

if you would like a free copy of the Treasure Hunters just e-mail website@swanland.info

Village Watering Rota
next due in Spring 2021

Fishing is NOT PERMITTED on the pond, even with a rod license. The police are monitoring the situation.

If you witness anyone fishing and feel comfortable please point out the signs, if this conversation turns abusive call 101.

Duck Food Signs
Two signs have been placed in the pond to highlight the importance of feeding the ducks with grain. Bread pollutes the pond water and is less healthy for ducks. Healthier food (grain) is available from the Peppertree florist. The fish feed themselves.

See Directory Page

Westfield Farm
Following ERYC refusal Gladman have appealed Log into
ERYC Planning Portal and
enter 19/00790/STOUT DIRECT LINK

West Leys Road
West Wold
Easenby Close
Woodgates Lane
North Drive

100 residences now under construction Bellway Homes The Developers have advised that they have handed over the extended car park (down Blossom Lane) to the Playing Field Association who hope to open it shortly.

56 residences now under construction Redrow Homes
VIEW Master Plan (ERYC

The access road on Woodgates Lane to West Wolds construction site is NOT permanent - the Site Plan (pdf) does not indicate a through road and the developers have confirmed this

Erection of 8 dwellings and access road

Application approved
Under Construction

Erection of three dwellings South Of 45 Mill Road
Application and appeal rejected

Erection of two dwellings and conversion of existing cottage >>>LINK
Applications REFUSED
The applicant has appealed

Swanland Development

BLUE areas have already been used or have been approved

GREEN areas are NOT within the plan but have been resubmitted after being rejected previously

Active Pages on this Website
Many pages are for reference and rarely get updated, however some get regular updates including this page - worth having a look at are:
Swanland Library *
Events & Activities
Pond Partnership * Pond Page
Neighbourhood Watch
Village Hall Forthcoming Events Page

Swanland Street Map
This has been updated to show the Tranby Lane development. The current developments off West Leys Road will be included when construction is complete

See Swanland Information page

Be on your Guard!
Be sure to lock all car doors, even if parked on your drive
Mrs Deborah L Parry
Swanland NHW Coordinator
Visit Take Five & Cyber Aware


Many have signed up to a collective energy switch. By taking part they hope to save money on their energy bills. You might also be interested in joining.

The more participants, the bigger our negotiating power. So why not register as well and you will receive a personal offer two weeks after the auction has taken place. It’s free to join, there’s no obligation to switch and it’s an easy step-by-step process. Click here to sign up

This website often gets queries from local residents about facilities and activities and we can usually point you in the >>>>> right direction - just email website@swanland.info
LOCAL TRAVEL INFORMATION - There are many changes at present - look at the websites for updated information
153 To Hull

X46/47 Hull To York

X5 Hull to Goole via Brough, Howden

Bus timetables change often see See EYMS website

Live train times from Brough Station
Hull Trains
Services SUSPENDED at present

Hull - Rotterdam
(Zeebrugge route has been discontinued)

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