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This page updated August 10, 2022

Dog Fouling
Please clean up after your dog and remind any children out walking their dogs of the need to clean up too. There have been particular problems at the end of Dower Rise, on the grass and pavement adjoining Main Street. A bin is provided on Dower Rise to dispose of waste bags.

Failing to clean up after your dog can give rise to a £100 fixed penalty notice or a fine of up to £1000 ! if the case goes to court.
The problem, as with many anti-social laws, is ENFORCEMENT - THE WORD WOULD SOON GET ROUND IF SOMEONE WAS FINED

Damage at Christ Church
This is the scene near the church last week! Presumably youths had got into the compound next to the Church and thrown the contents around – . It has now been cleared up. The culprits must have climbed over the fence or wriggled in underneath.
The picture has been sent the to Deborah Parry (Swanland NHW) and requested that she reports it to our PCSO. No apparent damage was done to the watering equipment or other items in storage.



Where has the Village Sign gone ?

There is only the stump remaining.It has NOT been stolen but removed for RENOVATION
at Calverts of Swanland.

It should be ready and and
refitted some time in August

A Memorial Service for Pam Portal will be held at 2pm on Sat 27 August at St Barnabas Church followed by a gathering in the Church hall. All Friends welcome Contact Janet if any queries.

The family have generously donated a large planter to the gardening group in the village,
which will be planted up by the pond as soon as it is delivered,

Homes for Ukraine

Swanland Open Gardens was held on Sunday July 17
A very good turn-out of around 350 visitors

Sale of Maps
for Gardening Group Funds


Plant Sales
for Dove House
at 62 Mill Rise

£52 Raised

Craft Sales for Dove House
at 31Mill Road
£50 Raised

Various Sales for Bliss Cavalier Rescue
20 Mill Rise
£170 Raised

Stall at 62
Mill Rise For Heritage Centre
£79 Raised

Open Gardeners - if you have raised any other amounts for
charity or Village Organisations please e-mail website@swanland.info

Swanland's Ukraine family was invited to 62 Mill Rise and were offered free drinks and refreshments.

Their 5 children thoroughly enjoyed themselves in the pond boat, tent and paddling pool

Swanland Screen & Live Shows
Details - SEE Village Hall Events page

See Shows Poster

Melton Quarry have kindly agreed to sponsor this website
The Quarry Management regard Swanland as their nearest local neighbours and are keen to engage with the local community
See plant website

Wind Turbine - Community Support Letter (pdf)

Swanland Badges

On sale at £4.50 - all profits go to SVA. Get one of these beautiful enamelled brooch badges
that can be worn on a dress or a coat

e-mail SB@swanland.info with your contact details You can can pay by BACS or cash - NO cheques please there are hardly any banks left to pay them in!

Welcome Packs

The SVA prepares Welcome Packs to newcomers to Swanland containing a lot of local information. If you have a new neighbour or have just moved in contact wpack@swanland.info
to arrange a pack to be delivered.
Fishing is NOT PERMITTED on the pond, even with a rod license. . If you witness anyone fishing and feel comfortable please point out the signs, if this conversation turns abusive call 101.
Duck Food Signs Two signs in the pond highlight the importance of feeding the ducks with grain. Bread pollutes the pond water and is less healthy for ducks. Healthier food (grain) is available from the Peppertree florist. The fish feed themselves.
Instant Spam Guide - you should never asked by phone, e-mail or text messages for your
Bank Details
Credit Card Details
Debit Card Details
Phone Number

XXXXX Most scams follow this pattern - Delete e-mails, texts or hang up phone DO NOT REPLY XXXXX

Swanland & Willerby Surgery

PLANNING NEWS - ERYC Planning Portal
West Leys Road
& Playing Field
West Wold
Easenby Close
East of Easenby Lodge

100 residences
Bellway Homes

Nearing completion

56 residences
Redrow Home
Should be completed this year

Erection of 8 dwellings and access road
Under Construction

Erection of 4 dwellings and access road
Application approved

Active Pages on this Website
Many pages are for reference and rarely get updated, however some get regular updates including this page - worth having a look at are:
Swanland Library *
Events & Activities
Pond Partnership * Pond Page * Neighbourhood Watch

Swanland Street Map
This has been updated to show the Tranby Lane development. The current developments off West Leys Road have been included

See Swanland Information page

Be on your Guard!
Be sure to lock all car doors, even if parked on your drive
Deborah Parry
Swanland NHW Coordinator
Visit Take Five & Cyber Aware


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This website often gets queries from local residents about facilities and activities and we can usually point you in the >>>>> right direction - just email website@swanland.info
LOCAL TRAVEL INFORMATION - Look at the websites for updated information

153 To Hull
150 to Hessle & Ferriby

Bus timetables change often see See EYMS website

Live train times from Brough Station
Hull Trains

KLM Airline
There are now flights to Amsterdam

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