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Swanland Diary

Christmas Events in RED

Thur 7 Dec - Village Hall AGM

Wed 13 Dec- Beverley Brass Band in Village Hall

Mon 18 Dec Father Christmas across the pond event

See also Village Hall forthcoming events web page

The Village Map has been updated - SEE https://swanland.info/info.htm
Please have look and if you have any comments send to Website@swanland.info

Unsightly Poles

Many Swanland residents will be horrified by the intended erection of huge poles to be erected by MS3, who should be made to share KCOM's underground infrastructure. Apparently KCOM are required to > share by law but have not been approached by MS3. Sometimes the poles maybe erected alongside existing poles - see pic. In other areas MS3 have been followed by Connexin who then install their own poles so the problem will just multiply.

THEY DO NOT NEED PLANNING PERMISSION FOR THE POLES ! And you thought you lived in a democracy ?

Swanland Heritage Centre
is a mine of local historical information.

One of its projects is researching the Halifax bomber that crashed in the village in WW2. SEE webpage

The Heritage Centre is open every
Saturday 10am to 12 noon

and other times by appointment

Westfield Farm Development
Detailed Planning application being
heard on 9 Nov 2023
Erection of 150 dwellings with

Application Ref 19/00790/STOUT on ERYC Planning Portal
The developer is now Crest Nicholson
The equestrian centre has closed.
Some excavations are taking place on the site.

Welcome Packs
The SVA prepares Welcome Packs to newcomers to Swanland containing a lot of local information. If you have a new neighbour or have just moved in contact wpack@swanland.info to arrange a pack to be delivered.

Some very worthwhile local Charities
Swanland School Nairobi
CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young)
Fishermans Mission

Supports a children's school in Kenya to transform the lives of children living in poverty to give them a better future.
An amazing 97% of funds go directly to support schools and education projects in both slum and rural areas in and around Nairobi, Kenya.

Equipping future generations to fend for themselves is better than just giving aid as many charities do.


Several years ago a Swanland family tragically lost a young child from a sudden and unexpected heart attack. After their initial shock his parents set about doing something constructive in his memory and to help prevent other fatalities.

The charity funds free heart tests and the provision
of Defibrillators around the village



Sally Taylor, Local Area Commissioner

UKRAINE Russia's brutal invasion continues SEE latest BBC news

Donate Aid

Swanland Badges

On sale at £4.50 - all profits go to SVA. Get one of these beautiful enamelled brooch badges
that can be worn on a dress or a coat e-mail SB@swanland.info with your contact details
You can pay by BACS or cash.
Village Litter-Picking Rota
Oct - Dec (pdf)

Village Watering Rota
All Watering Points have been disconnected for the Winter
Next issued Spring 2024)
We need more volunteers !

Swanland Village Association (SVA) now have their own Website swanlandvillageassociation.info
Some links on this website have been moved to the SVA site

This website is being redesigned - some items are being moved to Archives.
Coming soon - sample page of the new site
Fishing is NOT PERMITTED on the pond, even with a rod license. If you see anyone fishing and feel comfortable please point out the signs, if this conversation turns abusive call 101. Duck Food Signs in the pond highlight the importance of feeding the ducks with grain. Bread pollutes the pond water and is less healthy for ducks. Healthier food grain is available from the Peppertree florist. The fish feed themselves!

Omya Melton Chalk Quarry
Melton Quarry
have kindly agreed to sponsor this website The Quarry Management regard Swanland
as their nearest local neighbours and are keen to engage with the local community
See plant website

Renewable Energy Wind Turbines We are now underway with our planning submission, While the consultation has been positive we would like to demonstrate that we have public support. We believe in the longevity and success of Melton Plant and want to achieve this in the most sustainable and efficient way by working with the community and our employees while protecting the environment through decarbonisation and creating habitats for local wildlife. Please support our plans for renewable energy. Comments can be made on the planning portal on this LINK Wind Turbine - Community Support Letter (pdf)
Local Doctors

Swanland & Willerby Surgery

Instant Spam Guide - you should never be asked by phone, e-mail or text messages for your..............
Bank Details
Credit Card Details
Debit Card Details
Phone Number

Most scams follow this pattern - Delete e-mails, texts or hang up phone DO NOT REPLY

This website often gets queries from local residents about facilities and activities and
we can usually point you in the >>>>> right direction - just email website@swanland.info

Be on your Guard!
Be sure to lock all car doors, even if parked on your drive
Deborah Parry Swanland NHW Coordinator
Visit Take Five & Cyber Aware


Sign up to a collective energy switch. By taking part you can hope save money on energy bills. The more participants, the bigger our negotiating power. Register and you will receive a personal offer two weeks after the auction has taken place. It’s free to join, there’s no obligation to switch and it’s an easy step-by-step process. Click here to sign up

LOCAL TRAVEL INFORMATION - Look at the websites for updated information

153 To Hull

150 to Hessle & Ferriby

Bus timetables change often see
See EYMS website

Brough Station

Live train times
Hull Trains




Humberside Airport - Live Flight Information

KLM Airline
Flights to Amsterdam

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