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Pam Portal RIP

Dr Pamela Portal passed away on December 8th at a nursing complex in Bristol. She and her late husband Wallace had lived on Beech Hill road for many years. They both contributed a huge amount to the community in Swanland. Wallace served on the Parish Council. In 1987 Pam founded the Beech Hill Preservation society, which became the Swanland Village Association (SVA). In 2002 she took a very active part in helping to win the Britain in Bloom Silver medal for the village.

Westfield Farm - Bad News for Swanland
On October 12th at the Pocklington/Swanland High Court Hearing ERYC (claimant), Secretary of State (first defendant) and Gladman (second defendant) gave their submissions in front of the Honourable Mr Justice Dove
The Judge has NOT allowed the appeal so the development is set to go ahead

Amazon Warehouse - Bad News for Ferriby
The ERYC planning committee has ALLOWED the application for a large Amazon warehouse
despite vigorous objections by the Parish Council and local residents

The 2 above developments demonstrate how difficult is for local communities to fight large wealthy and powerful developers. Many folks will be asking “is it worth objecting? – Does any one listen?

In the Swanland development at least ERYC fought it as best they could. In the Ferriby (Amazon) development ERYC planning committee voted 10 to 1 for in a short space of time, which suggests that it was a foregone conclusion. Have a look at the Gladman Website to see how they gloat about snatching green fields sites!

Your comments are welcome and will be published.

West End Road Closure - Advance Notice
West End will be CLOSED from No 20 to Queensbury Way Junction from 17 Jan 2022 for essential work to replace a water main. It is expect to reopen by 28 Feb. See Notice Pdf and suggested Diversion Map (pdf).

The diversion seems an awfull long way round and no doubt residents might dind easier routes.

Pigeon Invasion
The ever-increasing pigeons flocking to the pond area are causing major problems on the ground and on Christ Church Roof.

Well meaning people are feeding them by leaving grain on the ground


Welcome Packs
The SVA prepares Welcome Packs to newcomers to Swanland containing a lot of local information. If you have a new neighbour please contact
to arrange a pack for them

The Village Association (SVA) held its AGM on Nov 11 and elected a new committee. with Christine Walker in the Chair. It was well attended by residents and was followed by a very interesting talk by William Hardcastle - Melton Quarry Works Manager,

The Quarry is very keen to engage with the local community and have agreed to sponsor the cost of running this website.


New Planning Application
Erection of a wind turbine (69m to hub, 99.5m to tip) with associated infrastructure
at Westwinds, Occupation Lane, Swanland - Ref 21/03496/STPLF

There is a planning application for a Large Development of 119 houses in Ferriby off Ferriby High Road, which is likely to be approved as it is in the local Plan. This will increase traffic at Ferriby crossroads in addition to that from Swanland's two large developments on West Leys Road
Case reference 21/03132/STPLF. SEE Site Plan (pdf)

Swanland Library

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Swanland & Willerby Surgery

Village Watering Rota
Next due in 2022

Fishing is NOT PERMITTED on the pond, even with a rod license. The police are monitoring the situation.

If you witness anyone fishing and feel comfortable please point out the signs, if this conversation turns abusive call 101.

Duck Food Signs
Two signs in the pond highlight the importance of feeding the ducks with grain. Bread pollutes the pond water and is less healthy for ducks. Healthier food (grain) is available from the Peppertree florist. The fish feed themselves.

Westfield Farm
West Leys Road
& Playing Field
West Wold
Easenby Close
East of Easenby Lodge

The planning Inspectorate ALLOWED the recent appeal. ERYC challenged the Gladman appeal decision in the High Court. The Judge has NOT allowed the appeal so the development is set to go ahead

Application Details

100 residences now under construction Bellway Homes The extended car park (down Blossom Lane) to the Playing Field
Should be completed in 2022

56 residences now under construction Redrow Homes
VIEW Master Plan (ERYC
The access road on Woodgates Lane to West the construction site is NOT permanent - the Site Plan (pdf) does not indicate a through road and the developers have confirmed this.
Should be completed in 2022

Erection of 8 dwellings and access road
Application approved

Under Construction

Erection of 4 dwellings and access road
Application approved

Boundary Changes - The proposed changes are now up for consultation see 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies.

These are for MP's elections only and although Swanland maybe placed in Hull West Constituency to elect an MP it will not alter local wards so Swanland will remain part of the East Riding of Yorkshire

ERYC Planning Portal

Original Allocations - Local Plan of 2016

See plan allocations (pdf)

Refreshed local plan 2021 Swanland Allocations

Swanland Development
BLUE areas have already been used or have been approved
GREEN areas are NOT within the plan but have been resubmitted after being rejected previously

Active Pages on this Website
Many pages are for reference and rarely get updated, however some get regular updates including this page - worth having a look at are:
Swanland Library *
Events & Activities
Pond Partnership * Pond Page
Neighbourhood Watch
Village Hall Forthcoming Events Page

Swanland Street Map
This has been updated to show the Tranby Lane development. The current developments off West Leys Road will be included when construction is complete

See Swanland Information page

Be on your Guard!
Be sure to lock all car doors, even if parked on your drive
Mrs Deborah Parry
Swanland NHW Coordinator
Visit Take Five & Cyber Aware


Many have signed up to a collective energy switch. By taking part they hope to save money on their energy bills. You might also be interested in joining.

The more participants, the bigger our negotiating power. So why not register as well and you will receive a personal offer two weeks after the auction has taken place. It’s free to join, there’s no obligation to switch and it’s an easy step-by-step process. Click here to sign up

This website often gets queries from local residents about facilities and activities and we can usually point you in the >>>>> right direction - just email website@swanland.info
LOCAL TRAVEL INFORMATION - Look at the websites for updated information

153 To Hull
150 to Hessle & Ferriby

X46/47 Hull To York
X5 Hull to Goole via Brough, Howden

Bus timetables change often see See EYMS website

Live train times from Brough Station
Hull Trains

KLM Airline
There are now some flights to Amsterdam a few times a week

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