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Westfield Farm Application REJECTED by ERYC

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Swanland Crime
There have a number of break ins within Swanland in the New Year. At a house on Kemp Road the front driveway gates were broken through, house broken into and both cars stolen off the drive in the middle of the night. Also on Tranby Lane, at 3 am on Tuesday morning Jan 2nd a house was broken into whilst residents in bed and car keys taken then car driven away.

Just a stark reminder for everyone to take the necessary security precautions and remain vigilant. This type of car theft is very common and the Police advice is never to leave car keys downstairs/near front doors, in sight of windows etc when you go to bed as it is a very easy way to steal cars without causing any damage to the car or its value.

Sadly someone stole the collecting tin for the duck grain money from the Pepper Tree Florists, on Tuesday 9th January, sometime between 11am and 1pm. Anyone with any information (or who finds the collecting tin) please contact Humberside Police.

Westfield Farm Planning Application Defeated
Having lost the South Cave and Holme-on-Spalding Moor appeals, Gladman DID plan to appeal against the Westfield Farm rejection at the last minute on Oct 21 2017. When ERYC pointed out their grounds for appeal for were no different to the previous 2 appeals they lost (and had to cover all costs) Gladman finally agreed to drop the Westfield Farm application ! Thanks to our Ward Councillors, the SAG group, and all villagers who fought this application. ERYC appear to be mounting a robust and effective defence of the Local Plan.

Gladman Developments ordered to pay costs of a planning appeal
Gladman (who applied to build on Westfield farm) have been ordered to pay ERYC for costs in a recent appeal of theirs at Holme-on-Spalding Moor. Planning Practice Guidance advises that costs may be awarded against a party who has behaved unreasonably and thereby caused the party applying for costs to incur unnecessary or wasted expense in the appeal process. See full statement by Planning Inspectorate (pdf)

Latest Reported Scam
Telephone caller purports to be from Telephone Preference Service . The line is that the person joined TPS some time ago and they want to upgrade them so that they will never get cold calls again.
They then ask to check address and that the person pays their telephone bill by direct debit and go on to ask the person to confirm their credit card expires in 2018.

NEVER respond to calls asking for Financial Details

Traffic on the A164
A new roundabout is set to be built on one of the region's busiest roads. The £4.2m scheme will see an improved junction lay-out on the A164 between Kirk Ella and Swanland - see South Hunsley Ward Councillors page for more details.

Swanland Heritage Trial
Audio Presentation now on line

Swanland Local Plan
PINK areas are earmarked as potential sites.
Those in BLUE have already been used.
Those in GREEN are NOT within the plan and have been rejected

Click Image for larger file



Planning Developments
Swanland is facing several major applications for consideration by the Parish Council (PC) and East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) Planning Authority. Click on Case Number to access ERYC application. See also dedicated web pages by clicking on the titles.

Case Number
Development by Water Tower
Completed (approved before local Plan)
SWA-A - West Leys
No application at present
White Lodge-Tranby Lane

ERYC Planning Granted. Construction under way

SWA-C Nursery Close
South Of Humber View
Awaiting Construction
West Leys Road

PC recommended refusal - ERYC Planning Granted with conditions

Westfield Farm
ERYC REFUSED - No Appeal lodged
North Drive

 Application lodged - Parish Council objected
Awaiting ERYC decision

The local plan envisaged 165 in total - since then 173 have been approved

Active Pages on this Website
Many pages are for reference and rarely get updated, however some get regular updates including this page - worth having a look at are:
Events & Activities***Pond Partnership****Neighbourhood Watch
Also Village Hall Forthcoming Events Page

Mill Road
(near the water tower)
Junction of Kemp Road and West Leys Road
West Ella Road
Occupation Lane
Dale Road
(replaced after theft)

Swanland Village Signs Project
In 2009 the SVA started erecting village signs depicting a Swan on a blue background in an oval gold frame. They measure approximately one metre across with the village name in green and gold underneath and cost over £2000 each.

They are now looking for local businesses or business people to sponsor part or all of cost of a final & 7th further sign for Woodgates Lane which will cost £2,162.

Please do not pollute the Pond
Please do not throw ANYTHING into the village pond - as well as litter, traffic cones and the usual debris this includes unwanted water plants and fish. The pond group should be consulted about any form of wild life or plants being introduced. If you want to feed the ducks Please use grain. Proper duck food is available from the Peppertree florist.
The perils of feeding bread to ducks
See BBC Article

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153 to Hull 180 to Beverley
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X62 Leeds to (from Ferriby)
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