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Westfield Farm Development Application

Gladman Developments appl to build 150 houses on greenfield land at Westfield Farm.
DIRECT ERYC Planning Link

June Gladman ask for closed meeting with Parish Council Parish Council refuse
Mon 18th July Gladman hold public "consultation" in Village Hall  
August A working group, Swanland against Gladman (SAG) set up to keep residents informed and work closely with the Parish Council.
Note you need to be logged onto Facebook See Statement by Geoff Chapman - Planning Advisor and Former Chairman of Swanland Parish Council.
12 December Gladman submit outline Planning application East Riding Planning Public Access website Case Reference 16/04143/STOUT Case Officer Mr Anthony Devey Telephone: (01482) 393 883
1 Jan Parish Council receives notification of application  
3 Jan East Riding Planning Public Access website Open for Objections
12 Jan Public objections start to be lodged  
13 - 16 Jan Leaflet delivered to every house in the village See leaflet pdf
24 Jan Gladman South Cave Appeal heard Case No 14/03376/STOUT awaiting the Planning Inspector's decision
6 Feb Swanland Parish Council meeting SAG spokesman Mike Thompson outlines the objections
Swanland Parish Council objects to the application 293 Objections lodged with ERYC - 63 people attended PC meeting
8 Feb Swanland Parish Council submits objection See objection submission from PC
March 6 Developer requests more time to prepare case 298 Objections now lodged with ERYC
End of April ERYC planning committee to consider the application At County Hall Beverley
13 March Gladman South Cave Appeal Decision Appeal is DISMISSED see Inspectors Report . This may greatly effect the outcome of the Swanland application.
11 April Director of ERYC planning committee recommends REFUSAL See pdf file (WARNING - large file 9mb)
20 April Application unanimously REJECTED by ERYC Planning Committee Gladman had 6 months in which to lodge an appeal
21 October Appeal not made within 6 months THIS APPLICATION IS NO LONGER ACTIVE
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Who are Gladman Developments ?
One of many property developers seeking to make huge
profits from exploiting green field sites all over the country.

For all their talk of wonderful amenities and contributions to the community - make no mistake - they are in business for one purpose only - to make substantial profits. At least one of the event team in the village hall had the honesty to admit as much. Once they have done that they will move on and never be seen again (unless they think they can make another land grab). They have little or no local knowledge. Another such developer is St Modwen who have spent over 3 years down in Ferriby and Welton fighting the local council and having been repeatedly refused permission (going up to the Secretary of State) are NOW appealing to the Supreme Court, costing East Riding council thousands of pounds in legal fees. Have look at the saga shown on Ferriby website page www.nferriby.info/meltonfields.htm

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