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Swanland Pond Partnership (SPP)
News Update
October 2017


Water Levels/Water Quality
Heavy rain showers over the summer have “topped up” water levels and helped with water quality.

There have been no significant algal blooms this year (so far) which is very good for the aquatic life within the pond. The reeds, grasses and marginal plants have grown well throughout the year.

It’s very important to cut back the reeds and grasses in the autumn as it helps stimulate vigorous new growth in the spring. It is this new growth which removes harmful nutrients from the water and helps to improve water quality.

Pond Maintenance Day
We will be cutting back the reeds and tidying the pond on Saturday 21st October from 9.30am.

At the time of writing we are running short of volunteers for this important task. If you are physically able and can spare some time - even if it’s just an hour please contact Alyson on 634 168 beforehand.

We need help on the pond side as well as in the water. Everyone is welcome so please consider joining in the community fun! THANK YOU to those who have already volunteered to help.

If you would like to help as a pond volunteer please contact Alyson on Tel:634 168.

The pond really does need YOU! See also Pond Information Page
See also Emergency Wildlife - Contact Directory (pdf file)

Pond levels are constantly monitored

The Parish Council have agreed to contact ERYC about the large inlet drain at Waters Edge (which may have a leak) and Yorkshire Water with queries about the location of pipes and leakages.


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