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News Update
April 2019


No Fishing at the Pond!
We are very grateful to the villagers who let us know that a group of young people were fishing at the pond. They had all the appropriate gear for carp fishing.

The local police had a word with them, and the Parish Council now have a sign in place to remind people that fishing is prohibited. We have had no further re-ports of fishing since the signs went up but please remain vigilant so we can prevent this happening again.

Pond Survey
Engineering firm, Mason Clark Associates, have carried out a 3D laser scan of the pond's perimeter to produce a topographical survey drawing of the area; including information on water levels.

This survey was to further investigate our leakage problem and when combined with other information, should help direct any future investigations or remedial work. Mason Clark will be returning at a later date to measure the depth of the pond and carry out a visual inspection of the perimeter.

The SPP are very grateful to the Parish Council for agreeing to fund this survey.

If you would like to help as a pond volunteer
please contact
Alyson - Tel:634 168. THANK YOU

The pond really does need YOU! See also Pond Information Page
See also Emergency Wildlife - Contact Directory (pdf file)

Pond levels are constantly monitored for signs of make-up water and losses.

The Parish Council have agreed to contact ERYC about the large inlet drain at Waters Edge (which may have a leak) and Yorkshire Water with queries about the location of pipes and leakages.

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