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Norma Taylor - 2015
Swanland Pond Partnership (SPP)
News Update
July 2018


The yellow flag iris, reeds and grasses have been growing well in the warmer weather; the vibrant yellow flowers reminding us that summer is finally here! At the time of writing (early June), we have been free of algal blooms for a few weeks which is good news.

Swanland Community Appeal
On 10th May Members of the SPP, SVA and Swanland in Bloom Groups met McCarthy and Stone representatives at the pond for the official handover of their £500 donation.

Thankfully, the weather was good, so we could be photographed by the pond!

Pond Fence
Volunteers have continued to paint the back of the fence ahead of the original autumn schedule. Two coats of paint have already been applied but the reeds have grown too tall to paint the final coat. This will be completed in the autumn, if necessary, when the reeds have been cut back. Thanks once again to the volunteers who have given their time in this way – we all appreciate your hard work.

Apologies to the bird watchers amongst you! The geese visiting the pond in larger numbers this year were incorrectly identified as Pink Footed Geese in the SVA newsletter. They were, in fact, Graylag geese. Although both species can be seen in our region, belong to the same genus (Anser) and both have pink legs, there are differences between them.

Greylags (Anser anser) are the largest and heaviest built of the grey geese (adult-80cm). They have a thick neck and dark brown head, pink legs and heavy orange beak. In flight, they show pale grey forewing patches and make cackling, gabbling calls like farmyard geese. Greylag geese are fairly widespread: a summer visitor, year-round resident or winter visitor in North West Europe.
Pink-footed geese (Anser brachyrhynchus) are large and neatly built (adult-60cm). They have a distinctive dark brown head and short neck, stubby dark beak with pink markings and pink legs. In flight, a grey back and forewings contrast with dark flight feathers. They make a distinctive wink-wink-wink call. This species winters across North West Europe but is not a year-long resident

(Source: Collins Gem Birds, J Flegg).

If you would like to help as a pond volunteer please contact Alyson on Tel:634 168.

The pond really does need YOU! See also Pond Information Page
See also Emergency Wildlife - Contact Directory (pdf file)

Pond levels are constantly monitored for signs of make-up water and losses.

The Parish Council have agreed to contact ERYC about the large inlet drain at Waters Edge (which may have a leak) and Yorkshire Water with queries about the location of pipes and leakages.


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