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Swanland Pond Partnership (SPP)
News Update
May 2018


Spring Maintenance

MANY THANKS to the volunteers who helped with our spring “tidy up” on the 24th March. This included litter picking and the removal of dead vegetation around the perimeter of the pond and within the marshy area. The yellow Marsh Marigolds can now be seen clearly and the water mint, which flowers later in the season, is starting to grow. The ducks don’t eat the water mint as much as other plants so it’s self-seeding well outside the cages in the marshy area.


There is a noticeable reduction in the amount of litter being removed from the pond when we compare it to photos taken in the past. This reflects the hard work carried out each week by the SVA’s litter picking team and the benefits of having several large bins near the pond that are frequently emptied by ERYC. Thank you to all our village litter pickers!

Algal Bloom

We have had our third bloom of the season which is very unusual. During maintenance checks we discovered that that the sonic device has not been operating. This device damages the algal cells and spores in the water column, so they fall into the mud and die. As the device has not been working, there will have been more healthy algae in the water to grow and multiply. This will have had an impact when combined with the windy weather, high rainfall and other factors. The sonic device is now operational, and the reeds are starting to grow so we hope that the situation will stabilize.

Swanland Community Appeal

The SPP and Swanland in Bloom groups made a joint application to McCarthy & Stone for funding under this scheme. We are pleased to announce that they have chosen to support us as part of the community appeal and have offered a £500 donation.

If you would like to help as a pond volunteer please contact Alyson on Tel:634 168.

The pond really does need YOU! See also Pond Information Page
See also Emergency Wildlife - Contact Directory (pdf file)

Pond levels are constantly monitored for signs of make-up water and losses.

The Parish Council have agreed to contact ERYC about the large inlet drain at Waters Edge (which may have a leak) and Yorkshire Water with queries about the location of pipes and leakages.


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