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Swanland Pond Partnership (SPP)
News Update
August 2018


Water Levels
The continuing drought has resulted in water levels being lower than most people can remember. The pond is totally reliant on rainfall for its water, so the situation will not improve until we have some significant rain.

Several volunteers have been clearing unwanted litter as the mud “beaches” have appeared. The rocks and bricks that are now visible provide valuable habitat for our aquatic invertebrates when covered with water, so we need to leave them in place, unless they are likely to impede Santa’s boat journey!

The rocks provide “safe havens” from the predatory fish and ducks in a pond landscape that is predominantly mud, silt and grit. The bricks with holes in make particularly good “homes” although they look unsightly when uncovered. This does not mean, however, that we want more builders bricks in the pond!

Pond Oxygen Levels
If water levels do not improve soon and temperatures remain high we could have problems with our fish population as oxygen levels drop. The SPP have purchased a simple aeration device that could provide emergency, underwater aeration if a suitable power supply can be agreed.

Pond Maintenance Day
In September/October we will be carrying out our autumn maintenance. If you could help us with this important task, please contact Alyson on 634 168. ALL ARE WELCOME!

If you would like to help as a pond volunteer please contact Alyson on Tel:634 168.

The pond really does need YOU! See also Pond Information Page
See also Emergency Wildlife - Contact Directory (pdf file)

Pond levels are constantly monitored for signs of make-up water and losses.

The Parish Council have agreed to contact ERYC about the large inlet drain at Waters Edge (which may have a leak) and Yorkshire Water with queries about the location of pipes and leakages.


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