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What are the bubbles on the pond surface?

After a long hot and dry period Swanland pond water levels are very low.

An emergency aeration system has been put in place by the pond group to try to provide increased oxygen levels for the fish. – see video clip.

Heavy rainfall on July 26 & 27 has put some water back but it is going to be a long time before our pond is back to its normal level.

Swanland Open Gardens 2018
See Report and Accounts

Closure & Relocation of Swanland GP surgery

If you are a patient at the Swanland Surgery, or you know someone who is, be aware that a consultation is now ongoing with the proposal being to close the surgery and relocate it to opposite the Spire Hospital in Lowfield Road, Anlaby. For further details see

PATIENTS ARE NOT BEING CONTACTED individually about this.

The NHS and doctors are not regulated by ERYC or the Parish Council although our Ward Councillors will strive to represent your views. The regulating body is the East Riding of Yorkshire CCG

Swanland Library
Do you know what’s available at your local Library? Not just books (or Caddy Liners) that’s for sure! If you belong to a walking group you can borrow laminated maps. You can download free E books, E Audio E magazines/Comics
Get help with your tablet/computer/smart phone Do you want to meet new people? We have a number of groups that meet, including:-
Knit and Natter - Story time - Reading Group - Code Club - Poetry Group

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Pond Partnership
Neighbourhood Watch
Also Village Hall Forthcoming Events Pag

Visit Take Five & Cyber Aware

Be on your Guard!
It has been reported that a stranger was seen on CCTV in Hall Park on Saturday night around midnight (4/8-5/8Aug ) in the drive of a house, trying car doors. He was riding a push-bike and was wearing a hoodie but could not be identified.

Be sure to lock all car doors, even if parked on your drive.

Mrs Deborah L Parry
Swanland NHW Coordinator

Pond Fence Renovated


Many have signed up to a collective energy switch. By taking part they hope to save money on their energy bills. You might also be interested in joining! The more participants, the bigger our negotiating power. So why not register as well and you’ll receive a personal offer two weeks after the auction has taken place. It’s free to join, there’s no obligation to switch and it’s an easy step-by-step process. Click here to sign up


Swanland Local Plan
PINK areas are earmarked as potential sites.
Those in BLUE have already been used
Those in GREEN are NOT within the plan and have been rejected

Click Image for larger file

New Swanland Sign
The last of the 7 Swanland Village signs has now been erected on Woodgates lane. See About Swanland

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