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On-Going Pond Survey
A164 New
Roundabouts Scheme

Work is nearly complete on this project
- see Layout Map

Further surveys of the pond walls and pond bed were carried out on 22nd and 29th November by civil engineers Masonclark Associates in a bid to discover evidence of leakage around its perimeter. After substantial rainfall the pond level rises but then drops to around the 21cm mark on the pond depth gauge. If there was a leak from the bottom of the pond bed the water level would continue to fall. Stabilisation over the winter months around 21cm suggests there is leakage at or above this level or from the raised areas of pond bed in front of the village hall and within the marshy area.

The survey has been paid for by the Parish Council and will also provide useful information about the topography of the pond bed and its surrounding infrastructure. We await the final report and recommendations with interest.

There is also suspected leakage issue from the inlet pipe at the NW corner (by the village sign) which indicates that the pond may not be getting the full amount of water from the road drains.

For up-dates on all pond information keep on eye on the Pond Partnership page.

on the Pond!

West Leys Road
Westfield Farm
West Wold
North Drive
Application for 100 residences has been approved by ERYC which are now under construction.

Proposals for 150 houses
Case reference on ERYC Planning Portal is 19/00790/STOUT
The applicant has 6 months to appeal

Amended application for
dwellings has been approved by ERYC
Awaiting construction

VIEW Master Plan (ERYC)

Erection of two dwellings and conversion of existing cottage including erection of single storey extensions to front and rear following demolition of existing side extension at Hall Cottage North Drive Swanland >>>LINK Decision Pending

Swanland Street Map
This has been updated to show the Tranby Lane development. The West Leys & West Wold developments will be included when construction is complete
See Swanland Information page

Swanland Library
Lots going on at you local library!
- see Poster
Poetry with Catherine Scott
See events page

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Be on your Guard!
Be sure to lock all car doors, even if parked on your drive
Mrs Deborah L Parry
Swanland NHW Coordinator
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BLUE areas have already been used or have been approved

GREEN areas are NOT within the plan but have been resubmitted after being rejected previously

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